Nicotine Cessation Quit Kits

Flyer with information listed belowHave you considered quitting smoking, vaping, or smokeless tobacco products?
Pick up a Quit Kit to help you on your nicotine cessation Journey!

To pick up your Quit Kit, please visit one of the Center for Young Adult Addiction and Recovery Offices or Health Promotion and Wellness offices on either the Kennesaw or Marietta campus.

Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM.
CYAAR Kennesaw - University Village 6000 Building
HPW Kennesaw - Student Recreation and Activities Center
CYAAR & HPW Marietta - Joe Mack Wilson Student Center

Quit Kits contain nicotine gum, hard candy and mint gum, fidget toys, herbal teas, a progress tracking card, as well as information about resources to further support nicotine cessation.