Executive Summary

Recovery Informed Infographic

State of Recovery Science and the Role of Collegiate Recovery

For too long, the science of recovery has been an offshoot of addiction science and medicine. Addiction science is largely governed by symptomatological indices, measures of pathology, and general behavioral deficiencies. It is the study of how individuals get sick. We have sought to break off recovery science from addiction science, and thus create a standalone interdisciplinary science of how people get well along specific recovery trajectories. The study of how individuals get well in recovery is fundamentally different from the study of how they became sick. It is inherently a strength based and evidence-informed multidisciplinary realm of scientific inquiry.

List of current research projects

  • Students in recovery and personality type and development
  • Prevention for incoming KSU first-year students
  • Prevention for KSU athletes
  • Prevention for KSU Greek Life
  • Prevention for Student Conduct and Academic Integrity
  • Interdisciplinary research experiences for undergraduate and graduate research assistants

Other collaborations

  • National 4 year evaluation of CRPs
  • Ways and means of recovery assessment at partner treatment facilities
  • Language and stigma studies
  • Impact of advocacy on recovery
  • Characteristics of recovery
  • Theoretical constructs of recovery
  • Identity and recovery
  • Community-based recovery support services