Collegiate Recovery Program

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Kennesaw State University is committed to supporting students who are in recovery from substance use and other process addictions. The Collegiate Recovery Program (CRP) is designed to help students connect with each other, access resources necessary for them to succeed academically while sustaining recovery. Successfully achieve their personal and academic goals and participate in programming. Our mission is to create a supportive community where KSU students in recovery can thrive (by):

  • Removing any barriers to successful academic progression
  • Fostering peer support and accountability
  • Normalizing the recovery identity on campus
  • Providing information, resources, and consultation to students, families, faculty, and staff
  • Providing sober social activities on and off campus
  • Providing a dedicated space with caring professionals and student staff

The CRP is structured on a continuum to help support students as they develop in recovery, academically, and other areas of life. These are general guidelines which may be altered to serve the needs of individual students. Students may apply to CRP once they have six months of abstinence-based recovery. Students on medication assisted therapy with six month of sustained recovery are welcome to apply and meet with the program coordinator. For students with less than six months sustained recovery the center offers a full range of recovery support services.

The CRP is not a clinical treatment program; rather it is a recovery program based on social support models & theory. Participants voluntarily agree to respect the confidentiality of others and commit to creating a safe space that is rooted in the principles of recovery.

  • Students who have a minimum of six months sustained recovery receive:

    • Priority registration for class
    • Academic advising
    • Personal counseling
    • Service opportunities
    • Private study room and group space
    • Access to Computer Lab with printing
    • Scholarships
    • Out of state tuition waiver (if available)
    • Professional Development
    • Activities and Retreats
    • Student Leadership Opportunities
  • Download Application Please download the Application and submit it to:

    Center for Young Adult Addiction and Recovery
    1085 Canton Place NW, MD 6002
    University Village, 6000 Building
    Kennesaw, GA  30144
    Phone: (470) 578-2538
    Fax: (470) 578-9203
    If you have questions about the application process, please contact the Center at or (470) 578-2538.

    • The purpose of the Allen Family Scholarship in Memory of Laura Bradfield is to provide financial support to students participating in the Collegiate Recovery Program at Kennesaw State University Center for Young Adult Addiction and Recovery.

    • The Baldwins established this scholarship to help sustain the work of the Collegiate Recovery Program. "We want to support and acknowledge students who do the hard work of recovering from addiction and express our gratitude for the support shown to our family and our daughter by the staff and peer community while our daughter attended the University".

    • “It Is with deep gratitude we embrace the Center for Young Adult Addiction and Recovery and the support it provides those, like Christopher, who have a great desire and longing to be well; who never give up the goal. Our hope is that this scholarship, in memory of Christopher, will provide students in recovery with financial assistance toward their college degree, but even more so, be a reminder that they are not alone, recognizing their dally victory In the face of life's challenges.” 

    • William and Betsy Duffey established this endowed scholarship at Kennesaw State University in support of the Collegiate Recovery Program and in honor of their son’s graduation from Kennesaw State University.

    • The William S. and Betsy B. Duffey Collegiate Recovery Endowed Scholarship was established by The Honorable William S. Duffey, Jr. and his wife Betsy B. Duffey to provide scholarships to students who are accepted into the Kennesaw State University Collegiate Recovery Program.
    • The purpose of the Mandy Krasner Memorial Scholarship is to provide financial support to students participating in the Collegiate Recovery Community at the KSU Center for Young Adult Addiction and Recovery. “Our daughter, Mandy Beth Krasner, was a beautiful, warm, caring, artistic, and energetic young lady. At the age of twelve, we learned of her battle with an eating disorder. At twenty-six years old, this terrible disease ended her life due to an accidental death. This is our way of forever honoring Mandy and remembering Mandy's life.” 
    • Paul and Cathy Letalien established the Jeremy Leo Letalien scholarship to honor the memory of their son, who earned a Bachelor’s Degree of Business Administration in Finance from the Coles College of Business at Kennesaw State. Jeremy graduated with high honors as a member of the Class of 2011. Jeremy passed away January 22, 2013; he was 25 years old. 
    • The Lucas family elected to establish this scholarship in order to help sustain and continue the work of the Center and to support those students who attend Kennesaw State University and do the hard work of recovering from addiction one day at a time. “We are grateful for the support shown to our family during the years our son attended Kennesaw State University.”
    • The Advisory Board of the Center for Young Adult Addiction and Recovery established a scholarship to support and make a direct impact on the students who participate in the Collegiate Recovery Program.
    • Established by private donors, these scholarships are awarded each year to students with excellent academic achievement and/or those students with financial need. General scholarships are financial awards given to students who represent the high standards of Kennesaw State University and the Collegiate Recovery Program.