Letter From the Director

Teresa Wren Johnston, MA, LPC, MAC

teresa-johnstonThe impact of alcohol and drug use is our number one national public health problem (CASA 2011), and we are just beginning to understand the impact of process addictions like eating disorders, gambling and self harm. But what is clear about addiction, is that it does for many, start out as something that provides relief, feels good, and becomes a solution for dealing with life. However, no one ever intended to become addicted. We understand and provide a safe nurturing and judgment free environment for those struggling with and recovery from addiction.

At the Center for Young Adult Addiction and Recovery we understand the social, psychological and physical impact of addiction. We are here to help support and educate our students, parents, campus and community about addiction and recovery in order to arrest the long term chronic impact of the disease of addiction.

In the collegiate environment developmental considerations like social freedom, independent living, impulse control and risk assessment converge creating the perfect storm; onset of addiction disorders. By partnering with other universities, researchers and specialists, we seek to develop and encourage collaborative research and education in the field of young adult addiction and recovery.

Whether you are seeking help, education or collaboration please do not hesitate to contact us. Our number one goal is to be of service to the community.


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Teresa W. Johnston, MA, LPC, MAC
Executive Director & Assistant Dean