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Words like alcohol, drugs, addiction, substance misuse, alcoholism, eating disorders and recovery conjure many different kinds of feelings, affected by culture, socioeconomics, age, religion, experience, and many other factors - reactions ranging from humor to despair to curiosity to anger. 

It is often during the college years that alcohol, drugs and unhealthy behaviors begin to occupy a larger part of our lives - socially, and experientially. It is also often the time when those in recovery from addiction weigh the risk of coming to college, a place that can be a hostile environment to recovery.

The Center for Young Adult Addiction and Recovery is here to help KSU students, faculty, parents, and the community at large gain a better understanding of alcohol and other drugs, addiction and recovery at this critical juncture. Our comprehensive approach has proven very effective in helping students and the community.

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  • The Collegiate Recovery Program (CRP) - A program designed to provide academic, developmental, and recovery supports along with instrumental, functional, and technical assistance for self-identified students in recovery from addiction who access higher education, seek be of service to the greater KSU community, while living a abstinence-based recovery lifestyle.

  • Education - According to the Office of National Drug Control Policy, a quarter of college students report negative academic consequences due to drinking. This includes missing classes, falling behind, doing poorly on exams, and overall lowered grades. Substance use on a college campus presents significant risk to the well-being of all college students, with implications stemming from academic troubles to actual death. Education is the key to reducing these risks. Education also offers the ability to alter the cultural norms of substance use and addiction; from challenging the dominant “party” discourse, to reducing social stigma associated with addiction and recovery.

    Our education philosophy is twofold - we present recovery-informed knowledge to the collegiate population, and we advocate for cultural changes, on campus, and in the larger addiction treatment and recovery field. We have a focus on peer-to-peer educational models, which are highly effective in our efforts to engage students to challenge their own perceptions of substance use.

  • Research - Our education and advocacy efforts at the Center for Young Adult Addiction and Recovery are driven by our flagship research endeavors. Our research philosophy is that we seek to study and define the recovery success of our collegiate recovery students and others living in long term recovery, and to disseminate that knowledge back into the continuum of addiction treatment and recovery support systems, including collegiate recovery programs nationwide. The CYAAR is positioned in close proximity to dramatically transformative recovery success which is embodied by our students living in long-term recovery, and we are housed within a highly supportive academic institution. The two factors combined means we are poised to provide definitive scientific endeavors to explore recovery phenomena, and associated recovery factors, that hold the key to creating and perpetuating sustainable, life-long, abstinence-based recovery for the individual who seeks recovery. ​

Center for Young Adult Addiction & Recovery Calendar  

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  • Sep20
    GRASP Meeting-Grief Recovery After a Substance Passing Time: 07:00 pm Location: 1085 Canton Place NW, University Village 6137, Kennesaw, GA 30144
  • Sep25
    Alcoholics Anonymous-Courage to Change Group Time: 12:30 pm Location: 1085 Canton Place NW, University Village 6137, Kennesaw, GA 30144
  • Oct02
    Alcoholics Anonymous-Courage to Change Group Time: 12:30 pm Location: 1085 Canton Place NW, University Village 6137, Kennesaw, GA 30144