What is Seminar?

Seminar is a weekly group meeting for only members of the Collegiate Recovery Program. These groups are available several times per week at various days and times to accommodate the busy lives of the CRP students. Each semester students sign up for one seminar to attend each week.

With over seventy busy CRP members, it’s nice to have time to connect on a more personal level. Each seminar is a gathering of our students meant to check in with each of them. Lead by a group leader, the group discussions vary to include discussions of spirituality, recovery, academic growth and learning styles, personalities, and stress management. Seminar implements many ways of covering these topics including meditation, yoga and guest speakers.

Seminar is based on a curriculum developed by the CYAAR staff which focuses on the growth of the CRP student in the following domains:

  1. Spirituality

  2. Academics

  3. Personal Achievement

  4. Health and Wellness

  5. Discernment

  6. Service